VITRIC is a not-for-profit organisation based in the Maldives with a goal to rid the world of single-use plastic water bottles.


The little island of Maalhos in the Maldives' Baa Atoll has endured water shortages for many years. Residents are reliant on the rains for their drinking water, which is collected in rainwater stores or wells, and plastic bottled water imported from the capital island of Malé. This raises three major issues:

  1. Susceptibility to droughts
  2. Health concerns from poorly stored water
  3. Pollution caused by the production and disposal of single use plastic bottles

Having visited Maalhos, and a number of other Maldivian islands, we decided that a solution needed to be found to  prevent local islanders being without water in times of drought and to also reduce the environmental impact of the water production.

What has emerged is a model which we hope to spread through the Maldives. 


We have created a model that allows inhabitants of remote areas to benefit from year-round, safe drinking water, while minimising the impact on the environment. 

Our solar-powered facility extracts water from the sea, filters it to WHO standards, remineralises it, and then bottles it in reusable bottles for consumption. We deliver these bottles and once the water is consumed by households and cafe customers, we collect the empty bottles and refill them. 

A system that was once linear, becomes circular. From extraction to bottling to consumption to waste, we've closed the system so that there is no waste and resources are reused.